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June 30/July 1

Margaret Alkek Williams Dance lab

601 Preston St







R E A CH was founded by the Houston Ballet's Melody Walsh, Connor Walsh, and Oliver Halkowich in 2015. The goal was to provide dancers and choreographers a platform to challenge their creative limits while giving back to the community. 

REACH had its inaugural performances in April of 2016 with seven new works choreographed by Melody Mennite, Oliver Halkowich, Connor Walsh, Shu Kinouchi, Hayden Stark, Shahar Dori, and Chris Gray. The two performances raised $11,000 for Houston Ballet's X3 program. For more information on X3 click here


The 2017 performances will take place on June 30 and July 1 at the Margaret Alkek Williams Dance Lab.  All proceeds will again benefit the Houston Ballet's X3 Program. 


Shows at 8pm